Class Google::Reader::Count
In: lib/google/reader/count.rb
Parent: Base


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Public Class methods

Gets all the unread counts Usage:


Returns and array of open structs with each entry looking like one of the following:

  #<OpenStruct google_id="feed/", count=0>   # => feed
  #<OpenStruct google_id="user/{user_id}/label/friends", count=0>                     # => label

Gets all the unread counts and selects all the feeds Usage:


Returns and array of these:

  #<OpenStruct google_id="feed/", count=0>

Gets all the unread counts, selects all the labels and converts them to Label objects Usage:


Returns an array of these:

  #<Google::Reader::Label:0x14923ec @count=0, @name="friends", @shared=false>