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Last Update: Mon Nov 19 21:16:01 -0500 2007


sudo gem install googlereader


  require 'google/reader'
  Google::Reader::Base.establish_connection('username', 'password')

  # => all feeds and labels unread counts
  pp Google::Reader::Count.all

  # => all unread counts for labels
  pp Google::Reader::Count.labels

  # => all unread counts for feeds
  pp Google::Reader::Count.feeds

  # => all items for a label
  pp Google::Reader::Label.all

  puts 'Links'
  # 5 latest unread items
  unread ='links').entries(:unread, :n => 5)
  unread.each { |p| puts p.title }

  puts 'Using Continuation'
  # next 5 latest items after the unread above
  more_unread ='links').entries(:unread, :n => 5, :c => unread.continuation)
  more_unread.each { |p| puts p.title }


I‘m using the following links below as documentation (and also a bit of reverse engineering with Firebug) until google releases an official and documented api: